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The most accurate behavior tracking and analysis software

Behavior Analyst or Behaviour Analyst (American & English spellings), is currently one of the most accurate human behavior monitoring, tracking, and analysis software in the world and is exceptionally useful in both children's and adults' behavior management. Designed with the assistance of professors in the fields of behavioral science, sociology and management, and based on the latest accepted theories in those fields, makes this software a valuable tracking tool for the public and professionals in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, counseling, behavior therapy, tracking and analysis in the following situations:

Variety of human behavior disorders and problems such as aggression, anger, personality disorders, anxiety, depression, sadness, stress, emotional disorders, cognitive and emotional problems to name a few.

Although this is the basic version, it contains important and effective functionalities of the professional version (which will be released soon) which is intended only for use by licensed behavioral science professionals. Correct use of this software will help in behavior modification and management.

This is not a diagnostic software and is not intended to replace a behavior therapist or professional. However, it is a highly accurate tool in analyzing and measuring the extent of almost any human behavior and is helpful in finding the causes of such behaviors.